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Pneumatic Tooth Clutch – EN

The EN type toothed pneumatic clutch is a compact unit that has two air inlets for its control, one towards the chambers to clutch and the other to disengage. It works just like a double acting cylinder.

The air chambers are supplied radially with compressed air at a nominal pressure of 5.5 bar. The clutch must be done at rest or at low speed, disengagement can be done at any speed.

Due to its mechanical characteristics, it transmits high torques because it uses Hirth rings as a coupling mechanism.

Depending on the arrangement of the teeth, the clutch can be positional, that is, to maintain synchronism between the driver and the driven.


Key Features:

 Transmission of high torques in small dimensions.

 Up to 400 Nm

 Possibility of synchronism


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Pneumatic Tooth Clutch - EN
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Pneumatic Tooth Clutch - EN
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